Managing Alkaline Toxicity

Including: Aluminium and Carbonate Toxicity and Nutrient Deficiencies

The economic calculator allows farmers, advisors and land managers to assess the potential economic return from applying gypsum as a soil amendment for the correction of alkaline toxicity. The economic evaluation presented here is based on the results of this GRDC project and the French Schultz model of water use efficiency for a range of crops (Bowman & Scott 2009).

It is important to note that this is a theoretical calculator and the results are for demonstration purposes and will need to be verified by field assessment and/or farm trial.

For each of the options below, please use the drop down menus and input boxes.


Town or suburb
Grain Price ($/t)
Average annual rainfall (mm)
Average yield (t/ha)
Soil type
Cost of spread gypsum ($/t)

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